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Reviewer: truthedelweiss - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 4, 2016
Subject: Comments
I just want to say, I don't agree with the comments here but It's understandable that this situation is angering to a lot of you, this man put me through so much hell but advocating violence won't get us anywhere. Just spread the word that this man is a creepy stalker!
Reviewer: christianpiccioliniisakike - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 1, 2016
Subject: Christian Piccicolini
Fucking cut you when I see You Christian
Fucking bitch
You like pretending to be nice to your victims
Fucking faggot
I put a fucking veil over your fucking wife

Christian's a faggot, a pedophile pervert
He'll get murdered in jail where a shank is inserted
And blood squirts out of his nervous system
He's dressed like his sister, his face twisted like Twister and Twizzler
The Riddler the Joker his father beat him
Into a maniac, Christian, a monster a creature
A thriller that fucks children
With his sponsor and Britton in a CIA building
A B C easy like 1 2 3
Nazi ideology what has it done to me
Like dead alive your flesh is pealing
Call up Heidi Beirich and ask her how she's feeling
A failure down with (((Elizabeth Taylor)))
Illiterate pedophile faggot prissy boy
Your hair caught fire, you're diseased
Snuggled up with little kids balloon fights in trees

You rock antifa books
Christian you queer, you fucking faggot
The Picciolini 5 kidnapped Grace Steel
Christian even fucked his own mother
Hanging fascists over the balcony
Bitch, you could have dropped em

Faggot pedophile bitch you sleep with pre-teens
Unzip their Lee jeans and lick their feces
The dirty he-she who don't want to be seen
In capes cause your face looks like re-fried beans
Having filthy orgies with your boy Corey
(((Feldman))) who ran trains on little Maccaulay
Bras on ya chest a testicle molester
I'm willing to bet you're having sex with Webster
Capture ya kids cocksucked in Portland
Butt fucking boy fans rocking Peter Pan pants
Jerking Jermaine off with his Jery Curl Juice
It's off the wall Christian your asshole's loose
Hope in jail you're harassed when giving up your ass
A vertical gash with a surgical mask
Suicidal in ya cell you'll be hanging from a sheet
Buried with ya fucking monkey 6 feet deep

You made Britton your girlfriend
Who sleeps in the woods
Stalk little girls and make moves on boys
You sucked Soros' dick, and a chimp's
You suck dick, little baby dick
little cock sucker, you fucked Jack Donovan
You baby dick lover

Evalion beat you, you better dance
Like Miley Cyrus, faggot in red leather pants
You made up stories you're a liar, you crypto-jew
You fucked little kids, pedo Christian
40 year old chasing 17 year olds
Disowned by his own family for touching 3 year olds, robbed Rothstein of his catalogues
The piece of shit tranny that stalks teens and eats logs
La Toya's disgusted even though La Toya's busted
She must feel ripped off he fucks kids
He's guilty, he ate Milo Yianopoullus' ass
From CASH to Courage, I can't stand the man's past
From white to kike with a silly hat
A kabuki grill robotic nobody knows
Except Glenn Beck and Jonathan Greenblatt
They all three fucked each other to make new hits

You faggot
We got your shitty book and diapers
Shit eater
Christian's a queer piece of shit pedophile faggot
Under the covers with kids
Artificial insemination queer
Evalion played you
Like fucking Tito
Grace hates you

You faked being a nazi white kid and you got stung
Christian you're sick kid, what happened to ya pigment
Nearly everybody's staring
Ya chest's filled with kids that ran away from their parents
You get inside of kids' beds with a little thong
What you mean by "I'm here to help" is "don't yelp or I'll kill your parents"
You realized fast little kids hated sex
But you bribed them with blackmail and jail threats
You boy scout leader kiddie cock eater
Walking down the street looking like a tricky treater
Fucking fag flamer homo tiger tamer
Blowing Freud in a cryogenic chamber
The man in the mirror is old you ain't young
I think of you I get sick and I have to turn
Christian you're an alien with a rabbi hat on
Will Smith's daughter fucked you with a strap-on

The inmates are gonna get you
Fucking pedophile
George Soros' white son
You back stabber
You should fucking die
You suck baby cock
You wear La Toya's jock strap, that's right
Very naughty slave bony bitch
Fucking pedophile piece of shit, you're guilty
You dance in jail, fucking guilty, fuck you
You swallow balloons, they'll get you filled with shit you're dead
Britton is a whore, that's right Christian
You're done, your family's dead fucking pedophile
Reviewer: Christian Picciolini - favorite - October 30, 2016
Subject: This is a troll attack against me
Wow. Looks like we’ve got a troll trying to attack and discredit me in this video, derail an active criminal investigation on several of her associates, and incite people to threaten me (which they have, all documented and reported, of course). I suggest that you don't give her that power by ignoring her completely baseless accusations and allowing the truth to eventually come out. The claims in this video are false and libelous.
Reviewer: Nxtblg - - October 25, 2016
Subject: Jeezus...
For disclosure's sake, I have to say that I'm a free-speech guy. Sorry about the formality.

Your story is so awful, it's literally disturbing. I live in Toronto, and just last week Lauren Southern was physically assaulted while filming and interviewing at a free-speech demonstration. Physically assaulted - by a male (for what I could tell) - at a demonstration held at my alma mater, for Gawd's sake.

I wish I could help, but it's close to a sure bet that I can't. All I can suggest is, perhaps, exploring other places in Ontario for a bug-out location. (This has been an option I've been fantasizing about for a long time.) Some quiet locale where you can lick your wounds and heal.

Sorry if this comes across as inappropriate, but you're clearly distraught - and I'm distraught after watching it.
Reviewer: MikeMazzone - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 25, 2016
Subject: We will resist
I faced similar experiences in the past, if you want to read of them here:

I admire your bravery and outspoken attitude. I trust that we will prevail, you too may personally one day look back at this event and remember fondly that (((cp))) is gone just as I still remember (((ir))) is gone.
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